NEWS / 2019

Robin Rhode: Memory is the Weapon

Memory is the Weapon is a solo exhibtion organized by the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg offering a broad overview of Rhode’s work between 2000-2019. Memory becomes a metaphorical weapon in Rhode’s work, used to confront and come to terms with the artist’s hybrid identity. The exhibition title serves as a statement which calls for an adequate handling of personal and collective memory in fast-paced times such as ours.

The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalog in English and German, including a preface by Andreas Beitin, an extensive interview with Robin Rhode, and an introduction by its curator Uta Ruhkamp.

Memory is the Weapon is Rhode’s most extensive exhibition to date


Robin Rhode: Memory is the Weapon
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Sep 28, 2019 – Feb 9, 2020