NEWS / 2015

Ilit Azoulay, group exhibition, ‘The Biography of Things’, Australian Center for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia

Iilit Azoulay will participate in the group exhibition ‘The Biography of Things’, at the ACCA.

The exhibition assembles artists that have looked at objects, archives and collections to trace the labyrinthine stories that live behind things.  Narratives of loss, intrigue, histories and peoples move from the objective to subjective through the conflicting accounts of authoritative and apocryphal research. Working as if detectives, the artists in The Biography of Things bring a lively approach to these object encounters that reveal much that time has concealed or forgotten.

Participating artists include Mariana Castillo Deball, Camille Henrot, The Atlas Group, Daniel Silver, Narelle Jubelin and The Otolith Group.

The exhibition is curated by Juliana Engberg, Hannah Mathews and Annika Kristensen.

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11-12-2015 - 06-03-2016