NEWS / 2017

David Adika & Ilit Azoulay, group exhibition, “Local Compilation” at Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod

The objective of this collection exhibition is to illuminate the development of the Ashdod Art Museum since its 2003 opening. An important part of the museum’s collection is the Yona Fischer Collection, which comprises mostly works by artists who have worked with Fischer over the years, many of whom have also exhibited in the museum. The majority of the artists chose the works themselves, in reference to their direct or indirect dialogue with Fischer. In 2013 the collection was presented in an exhibition that reflected the museum’s development in its first decade, also marking Fischer’s retirement. Many works from this collection are on view in the current exhibition.

Initially based on donations and lacking a clear collecting policy, in the past few years the collection has focused on the museum’s areas of interest. Accordingly, the Ashdod Art Museum has acquired works by artists exhibited by it as well as pieces by other artists engaged with similar issues. Therefore, the current exhibition presents a further stage in the formulation of the museum’s DNA.

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26-01-2017 - 26-04-2017