NEWS / 2017

Dana Levy, group exhibition, “Lives Between” at Kadist, San Francisco


“Lives Between” will be showing until May 6, 2017 at Kadist.


Dana Levy will be showing ‘Silent Among Us’ (2008).


About the exhibition: “Organized in collaborations with the Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Lives Between will survey a wide range of international artists who, either alone or with their families, left the country they were born in. For reasons such as escaping conflict or searching for better opportunity elsewhere, they crossed oceans and borders to live in another country and culture. As a result, their artistic practice and cultural identity is in state of tension. Most of the artists in the exhibition travel back and forth, choosing to live between two places, for reasons like access to their native language, curiosity about their own unresolved hybrid identity, or maintaining professional or familiar relationships. The works selected for the exhibition, intentionally or implicitly, speak to this transitional status, byproducts of being itinerant, or a third culture that appears in-between nations.”


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08-03-2017 - 06-05-2017