NEWS / 2017

Dana Levy, group exhibition, “Eccentric Spaces” at Riccardo Costantini Contemporary, Turin


Dana Levy will be showing “Literature of Storms, Chapter 2 & 3” in a group exhibition titled ‘Eccentric Spaces’ in Turin, Italy.


From the press release:

Riccardo Costantini Contemporary presents Eccentric Spaces, a project curated by EIena Inchingolo and Paola Stroppiana. Five artists of different nationalities, Caroline Corbasson, Debbie Lawson, Dana Levy, Noa Pane, Anila Rubiku, with various formative backgrounds and expressive abilities, give  their take on the notion of space seen as one of the basic categories of world perception.


The idea for the project originated from reflecting on Erwin Panofsky’s book Perspective as Symbolic Form (1927), which shows how every cultural age develops its own way of representing space. Their examination of space in contemporary art therefore led to a careful selection of works: the concept of space that forms the object of this project is diverse, all-encompassing, starting from the original meaning of the word – an available place for the objects of reality, which are identified by their way they are arranged or positioned and possess physical dimensions, hence are susceptible of being moved. By an association of ideas, and by a metaphorical shift of meaning, the exhibition concept also includes the possibility for space to become, within contemporary art, a relational, anthropological, architectural, astronomical, poetic, oneiric, naturalistic place.


The gallery has deliberately chosen works created with different media – video installation, sculpture, drawing, because they suggest different reflections on reality as a result of their specificity: questions on the nature of things, scientific categorization of space and its objects, a constantly evolving world of information that sets ever new goals for knowledge and exchange.


February 16 – April 1, 2017


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