NEWS / 2017

Assaf Shaham, group exhibition, ‘I am Erica’ at Broad Art Center, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles


I AM ERICA features 21 American and International artists from 7 MFA programs across Southern California and their artistic approach to recent developments in American politics. Through painting, sculpture, video, and performance, the artists attempt to better understand a culture they temporarily join during the course of their MFA.


Organized by UCLA Department of Art graduate students Adrian Abela, Shasha Dothan, and Amedeo Polazzo.


The following performance will begin at the New Wight Gallery entrance at 5:30pm, during the opening reception of I AM ERICA:


The Streets Have No Name For Us: Little Tremors (2017) Renée Lynn Reizman (UCI) At age 23, Renée Reizman was diagnosed with three separate chronic pain conditions. Ever since, she has seen a gynecological specialist at UCLA Medical Center, and has participated in the Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain research study conducted through the Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. On this walk through the university’s medical complexes, Renée invites others to trace the routes she takes to her appointments while ruminating on the fate of the Affordable Care Act, the architects of the GOP replacement, and her own experiences within the American healthcare system.


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28-09-2017 - 12-10-2017