NEWS / 2014

Dana Levy, Group Exhibition, “Art, Technology and the Natural World”. Harn Museum, Florida

Curator: Kerry M. Oliver- Smith 

The Harn Museum of Art will display photography, prints, sculpture and video by 30 international artists addressing the intersections of biology, technology and art in the new exhibition Art, Technology and the Natural World. Works in the exhibition are organized in diverse installations which include “Repurposing the Wunderkammer” featuring artists’ responses to Renaissance Europe’s cabinets of curiosities, and work by famed-artist Andy Warhol who once claimed “I want to be a machine.”

For this installation, Kim Abeles, Jason Benedict, Mark Dion, Katerie Gladdys, Art Guys, Dana Levy, Tea Makipaa, Sean Miller, Eugene Parnell, Ben Patterson, Softday, Sergio Vega and Andrew Yang have each developed work inspired by the wunderkammer or created contemporary versions of these early museums.

Additional works in the exhibition include Thirty-eight works by Andy Warhol, four bronze sculptures depicting figures who are part human, animal and machine by William Kentridge illustrating social and political life in South Africa; and Olafur Eliasson’s Fivefold Sphere Projection Lamp which compels us to view ourselves in relation to space as well as time.

 19/08/2014 – 26/07/2015

19-08-2014 - 20-08-2014