NEWS / 2015

Assaf Shaham, Solo Exhibition, Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, NY

Assaf Shaham, Solo Exhibition

Yossi Milo Gallery

“Shaham challenges the role of the artist by relinquishing control of the creative process to machines. Shaham states that:

“My investigations center, for the most part, on simple, mass-produced, easily available appliances such as calculators, cameras, watches…My assumption is that every appliance, material and mechanism predicts its user – so that the user is…already included in the instruction manual…By introducing disruptions into [this] manual, I suggest a way of rethinking its potential…”

The light-only “scanograms” from Shaham’s series Full Reflection, are made by two reciprocating office scanners. One scanner projects light and the other captures its effects. Shaham experiments with the settings of the scanners and their orientation to one another to create abstract and colorful images resembling paintings by Mondrian or Rothko with the experimental spirit of Dada”

245 Tenth Avenue, New York

NY 10001


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