Anila Rubiku @ the 54th Venice Biennale – Albanian Pavilion


The 54th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

National Participation


Commissioner: Parid Teferici

Curator: Riccardo Caldura

Exhibition title: Geopathies

Artists: Anila Rubiku, Orion Shima, Gentian Shkurti, Eltjon Valle, Driant Zeneli

Place of exhibition: Spazio Rolak, Giudecca 211/b 30133 Venezia

Opening to the public: 4 June – 27 November (from 10.00 am until 18.00, closed on Monday)

Inauguration: 2 June, 18.30 hrs.

The Albanian Pavilion for the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale will be

held in a new exhibition space presented for the first time to the general public. For the

occasion five artists were invited that live both in Albania and abroad (especially in Italy)

while maintaining close contacts with their country of origin. It is this particular condition

made not only of awayness, but also of closeness, that has brought about the new way of

feeling that the title of the show speaks of. Geopathies, compounded of two Greek words:

GE (or GEA), the earth; and PATHOS (passion, affection).

It is therefore an investigation on the relationship between work, feel and context, the latter

understood as the set of historical, social, cultural and geographic components that make up

the complex chessboard of what we understand today as the ground, the homeland, the

place of origin and of eventual return. It may seem paradoxical to speak of the place of origin

in a dimension that, especially for what concerns the contemporary arts, is proving to be

increasingly international and therefore global. But within this global horizon the deep

connections between work and the complex chessboard mentioned above do not weaken or


Indeed, the works seem to be particularly sensitive mechanisms for recording the differences

and affections of these places, i.e. the complex dynamics that exist between the human

dimension and the context around. In their complete autonomy of languages, formal

solutions and poetical options, the five invited artists bring to light, very intensely, their

relationship with their country of origin, a country in profound transformation as Albania

currently is.

Anila Rubiku proposes a new, complex installation “Other countries. Other’s citizenships”

based on a number of men’s hats carefully embroidered by hand by many people involved in

the production of the work. The artist, who lives between Italy, France and Albania, wonders

what remains of the starting place, in the dimension of exile and encounter with other

cultures and other people.





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