Ari Benjamin Meyers, Ari Benjamin Meyers. Tacet in Concert

An artist book by Ari Benjamin Meyers with contributions by Jorn Schafaff, Nicola Ricciardi, Judith Waldman, Valentina Lascio, Katja Nale, and photographs by Andrea Rossetti, designed by Heimann + Schwantes.


Utilizing material from the solo exhibitions Tacet at Kasseler Kunstverein and In Concert at OGR Torino. Conceived as the third part of a three-part form, the book’s main components are documentations of the preceding two parts consisting of an extended essay written from within the first exhibition and photos taken over three days depicting the second. They are accompanied by an annotated index of works from 2013 to 2019, many of which appeared in Tacet and In Concert.


Presented in reverse chronologiocal order, the work entries have a rhythm of 1:5. Further texts of varying length, style, and content complete the arrangement. Readers may flip through the pages, read the articles, and study the images at their own pace without any restrictions regarding tempo, frequency, or duration.