NEWS / 2009

Shahar Marcus News

Shahar Marcus in a group exhibition Foreign Work at the Musara Festival, curated by Irit Carmon Popper, opening May 25th, 19:00, Hulda Haneviah St, Jerusalem

We congratulate Shahar on winning 1st place at the Naoussa Film Festival People’s Choice Award

Shahar is participating in the group show Artists at Work, curated by Eden Bennet and Adam Aboulafia, opening May 22nd, 13:00, Hagada HaSmalit Gallery, 70 Ehad Ha’am St, Tel Aviv

Shahar is participating in a group exhibition at Kibbutz Galuyot 45, curated by Tamar Elul, opening May 27th

Shahar is participating in a special performance evening at the Israel Museum of Art sculpture garden, July 15th.
Curated by Amitai Mendelson

21-05-2009 - 22-05-2009