NEWS / 2011

Ofri Cnaani, The Sota Project

February 16th – April 23rh Kunsthalle Galapagos 16 Mai St., DUMBO, Brooklyn


The Sota Project is an immersive large-scale video installation that reenacts a controversial biblical text. Two sisters. One is on trial for adultery. The other will do anything to save her…and more. It is an ancient story of women’s power to love, retold.

The protagonist, Sota, is suspected of adultery and summoned to a humiliating trial. Possessing an uncanny resemblance to her beloved sister, Bekhorah agrees to trade identities with Sota’s in order to save her life.This contemporary reenactment is about the relevance of jealousy, fertility and adultery to modern life.

    16-02-2011 - 17-02-2011