PRESS / 2017

NewsOK reviews Summer Wheat’s ‘Pry the Lid Off’ at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center


Interview, photos & video: Wheat’s world – Summer Wheat brings home art based on classic Vermeer painting in Oklahoma City exhibit


Text from the article:


“From a white wall in a classic Dutch masterwork to a white piece of paper in an elementary-school classroom, Summer Wheat sometimes finds inspiration in the seemingly plain.


“Part of the original interest in this work was the white wall that you see here behind her. I was always entranced by it because it’s like basically a webbing of all different colors, but it creates a white space,” Wheat said, pointing to a reproduction of Johannes Vermeer’s famed portrait “The Milkmaid.”


“This white wall was always like a source of meditation for me, and that’s where all this began was thinking about what was on the other side of this wall.”


With her new exhibit “Pry the Lid Off,” the Oklahoma City native transformed Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center into an alternate world for Vermeer’s “Milkmaid,” depicting four rooms of the woman’s personal chambers, which store belongings ranging from dishes and tapestries to boots and hair bows.”


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