PRESS / 2010

Gilad Ratman’s “Boggy Man” reviewed in the New Yorker

From the New Yorker


“A sludgecore anthem by the eighties cult band the Melvins provides the title for this smart group show at this upstart gallery located in a basement on the Lower East Side. Mysticism trumps logic, and primordial energy abounds. An acid-scorched shag rug (mounted on the wall) by Anna Betbeze is an emblem of anarchic fervor; other standouts include tantra-like collages by Tony Cox, a fantastic Grecian urn assembled from foam-core shards by Ruby Sky Stiler, and a bronze dowsing rod by Peter Simensky. The exhibition’s id lurks in a back room, where clips of a guy who convincingly fakes drowning in mud (known as the Boggy Man) have been edited by Gilad Ratman into a gripping if queasy video.”


Ramekin Crucible

Through August 15

East Broadway at Clinton St.