PRESS / 2017

Cathryn Drake of Artforum on the Mediterranea 18 – Young Artists Biennale


Cathryn Drake, a contributor to Artforum International Magazine, reviews the Mediterranea 18 – Young Artists Biennale. The shows and performances, in Tirana and Durrës, Albania, present the work of 230 young artists and performers, aged eighteen to thirty-four, from Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Mediterranean diaspora.


She writes on Gilad Ratman’s work, “We lost ourselves in meandering underground tunnels before discovering, in a dank dead end, Gilad Ratman’s video The Boggyman, 2008, an amateur video selfie taken by a devotee of mud immersion, a cult the artist got involved in after meeting adherents around the globe. ‘The secret is not to resist, to relax your body and let your legs float to the surface, and then it is easy to get out,’ he instructed. ‘The impossibility of emerging from quicksand is a myth.'”


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