PRESS / 2017

Artnews reviews the Dallas Art Fair and the DMA’s acquisition of Summer Wheat’s work


At the Dallas Art Fair, Amid Vibrant Sales and Live Mannequins, Gagosian Hides in Plain Sight

By Ann Binlot


Text from the article:


“At Thursday’s preview gala for the Dallas Art Fair, two live human mannequins donning Roberto Cavalli gowns posed in the windows, greeting guests as they entered. It’s an appropriate introduction to an art fair in the retail luxury hub that is Dallas, Texas. The living clothes hangers came courtesy NorthPark Center, a gargantuan shopping mecca started by Raymond Nasher, the collector whose largess created the Nasher Sculpture Center in town and established Dallas’s dual-cylinder devotion to buying clothes and buying art.


Earlier in the day, John Sughrue, who founded the fair with Chris Byrne, was thinking back to the fair’s beginnings, when he was forced to ask himself, “Who would want to go to an art fair in Dallas?”


“I have a definitive answer today,” announced Sughrue at the press conference for the ninth edition of the fair. “Ninety-five dealers—40 percent from abroad, collectors and exhibitors from six continents, and 15,000 visitors.”



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