NEWS / 2019

Screening of Roi Alter’s film “Franz Mueller’s Wire Spring”


Franz Mueller’s Wire Spring


A film by Roi Alter


Text by Kurt Schwitters


Curator Adi Gura


A screening of the film will be held in the Braverman Gallery Bakery
in the presence of the artist  on Saturday, May 4, at 8 PM.


Franz Mueller’s Wire Spring (Franz Muellers Drahtfruehling) is a short story composed by German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters in 1922. It was translated, adapted to theater, and later to film, by artist and translator Roi Alter.

Schwitters’s story revolves around a man who is simply standing there, and by doing so causes the outbreak of chaos and revolution. That man is Franz Mueller, whose character comes to symbolize art, disobedience, inefficiency, and in a way also Schwitters himself, who, as the only Dada artist in his home town of Hanover, was regarded a weirdo, having no community of other Dada artists in which he could have blended in.

Starring in the movie are artist and performer Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (IS/DE), musician and composer Anat Spiegel (IL/NL), and actor and clown Daniel Rovai (FR/NL).

Also contributed: Adi Mozes (camera and cinematography), Thomas Myrmel (sound and special effects), Dan Lavi (sound mix), and many others, in Israel, Germany, and The Netherlands.

Roi Alter (b.1980, Israel) is an artist and translator. He obtained a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, and a MFA from the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Alter has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece. This will be the first time that his work is on view at Braverman Gallery.

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