NEWS / 2017

Roy Efrat, group show, ‘Uprootedness’ by Stir-Fry Papaya, London


Stir-Fry Papaya is pleased to invite you to the two-week-long exhibition project Uprootedness. According to the OED, ‘to uproot’ means ‘to pull (something, especially a tree or plant) out of the ground.’ Taking the cue from this definition, Uprootedness aims to address the condition of displacement as both a pressing social political issue and a reflection of the participants’ personal experiences at a micro-level. Consisting of two consecutive group shows, this programme brings together artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, facilitating open dialogues that result in intensive collaborations and productive discourses.


Responding to the recent worldwide surge of nationalist sentiment as well as to the increasing distrust towards multiculturalism and diversity, Uprootedness looks beyond prevalent pessimistic accounts of displacement as a pathology of globalisation. The artists are invited to investigate the transformative potentials of the perpetual movement implied by an ‘uprooted’ condition. By placing special emphasis on the impact that ‘routes’ (rather than ‘roots’) have on the formation of individual subjectivities, Uprootedness aims to further the exploration of identity as the multifaceted and ever-changing result of constant interactions.


About Stir-Fry Papaya:

Founded by Jessica Cissoko, Zi Han, Camille Jamet, and Francesco Milan, Stir-Fry Papaya is a London-based curatorial collective which supports the development of ambitious early-career artists from UK and beyond. Coming from mixed cultural and disciplinary backgrounds, the collective aims to deliver discursive curatorial projects aimed at testing the boundaries of contemporary art in a collaborative environment.


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09-06-2017 - 11-06-2017