NEWS / 2017

Nira Pereg, group show, ‘Woven and Untangled’ at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv


‘Woven and Untangled’ is an exhibition of recently acquired video installations by Israeli artists. Among its themes are the perfect aesthetics of a woven tapestry in view of its insufferable details; a (ridiculous) attempt of equal division between Jews and Muslims in the Cave of Patriarchs; an architectural fantasy in China; the failure of obsessive love; and complex father–daughter relationships. The exhibition shifts between the documentary and the fictitious, the historical-political and the personal.


Participating artists include: Nira Pereg, Leigh Orpaz, Dror Daum, Mika Hazan Bloom, Gil Yefman, Ruti Sela.


Nira Pereg will show ISHMAEL, 2015, Four Channel HD Video, Installation with Sound.


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06-04-2017 - 06-06-2017