NEWS / 2017

Nira Pereg, artist event, ‘Topology of Holiness’ at Jerusalem Cinematheque Israel Film Archive, Jerusalem


The event is dedicated to artist Nira Pereg. The artist will be in attendance and speak about her work.


At the entrance to the hall – free beer and screening (in loop) of 67 Bows (5 min.) and Melancholy (3 min.)


Opening remarks: Dr. Lyat Friedman head of the Master Program in Policy & Theory of Arts, Bezalel / Moderator: Ilanit Konopny / Curators: Izek Mizrahi, Ilanit Konopny


Sabbath 2008 (Israel 2008)

The closing down of the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods in and around Jerusalem on Sabbath. (7 min.)

Kept Alive (Israel 2009/10)

An installation focused on Jerusalem’s largest cemetery, “Har Hamenuchot”. (11 min.)

Abraham Abraham Sarha Sarah (Hebron/West Bank 2012)

A unique event of a temporary “change of hands” in the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. (8 min.)

Scenario (Israel 2012)

The constant feeling of imminent destruction is common in the Israeli psychic landscape. The work follows the choreography of such a “disaster zone” in a real civilian location. (5 min.)

The Right to Clean (Israel/UK 2015)

The work follows the ongoing inside the church, focusing on the earthly act of cleanliness. (16 min.)

14-06-2017 - 14-06-2017