NEWS / 2017

Dor Zlekha Levy, dual exhibition, “Maqamat” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art


Dor Zlekha Levy and Aviad Zinemanas’s ‘Maqamat’ will be on view at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art until May 13, 2017.


Maqamat, a work made in cooperation between visual artist Dor Zlekha Levy and musician Aviad Zinemanas, was born from their joint passion to reclaim the Arab music of early 20th-century Iraq. Although they come from different disciplines, Zlekha Levy and Zinemanas share a similar technique: they sample old materials in order to charge them with a new meaning, while adding further layers and weaving them into a new narrative. The sounds enrich the landscape delineated in the gallery space with their complexity, while the visual images imbue the sounds with tangibility and form. The result is a dynamic, multi-layered work that draws an imagined environment around itself, a shade of memory from “there” through a perpetual movement “here.”


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