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David Adika, group exhibition, ‘NonFinito’, Artport’s 4th year exhibition

Davia Adika is participating in Artport’s 4th year group exhibition ‘NonFinito’.

The end of Artport’s residency program’s fourth year continues the tradition of “NonFinito”, an exhibition that takes place at the end of the year and presents new projects and ideas that emerged during the residency, yet refuses to be a final or concluding exhibition.

While originally referring to unfinished Renaissance sculptures, the term “non finito” is also used to describe a desire to represent ideas in different stages, challenging notions of outcome, conclusion, and end, and leaving some open places for the viewer. The exhibition “NonFinito” presents works by the six artists in residence—Michal Baror, Hilla Toony Navok, David Adika, Naama Arad, Tamir Zadok, and Elad Rosen—who in the course of the last year have worked, talked, saw art, and created, side by side in Artport’s studios’ avenue.

David Adika observes vases created in Israel in the 1960s and 1970s, examining the African motifs he identifies in them through painting, colors, and shapes. In a series of silkscreen prints, Adika explores African textiles, flattening the different origins, and continues his study of identity, definition, and origin through aesthetic means, as well as the West’s fascination with Africa.

Opening: 30.8, Tuesday, 20:00

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30-08-2016 - 31-12-2016