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Bracha L. Ettinger included in Group Show in Berlin

Bracha L. Ettinger is participating in the group exhibition “Dont Touch Me; Acts of Faith” at Robert Grunenberg Berlin, curated by Precious Okoyomon and Quinn Harrelson. Ettinger is showing three of her oil paintings “Eurydice-Medussa-Pieta” 1,2, and 3.  The exhibition is on view from September 13 – October 20, 2019.

The argument:

The animal that is most vulnerable is usually the most cruel
It is impossible to separate it from what it remembers

It’s answer:

Desperation is only interesting if it remains unfulfilled sometimes the aim is just tenderness
I will not train myself to love this shit
I refuse to love this shit

The first contention:

Listing to Lil Wayne’s “love me”
I am an agent of disappearance
I daydream about merging my body with the sky
Desire restrains me
The wind enters my soul
Embalmed apocalypse vision
Under the grey sky of the day there r your eyes
Which are shimmering conglomerates of volcanic dust
Oh friendly light
Rooted in the ardent flesh of the dirt

It’s end:

The sky is strangled in lasso soft stars
God is the slow recovery of lost light

The prime directive of fantasy is aftermath
The only thing left is to be touched, entangled, contaminated, to bound up in your shit

by Precious Okoyomon, 2019

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