NEWS / 2017

Bracha Ettinger, Solo show, ‘Eurydice-Pieta’ at Museum Slaskie, Katowice


Curator: Dr. Anna Chromik

Coordinator: Lukasz Adamski

Bracha Ettinger’s  ‘Eurydice-Pieta’ will show from July 7 until September 10, 2017.

For information regarding the exhibition, click here.

As part of ‘Eurydice – Pieta’, Ettinger will present works from the last three decades referring to the theme of loss and love in the context of the atrocities of war and memory of the tragedy of the Holocaust.

The oil paintings presented at the exhibition will be accompanied by drawings as well as three video installations. Notebooks will also be shown, highlighting the creative process and the theoretical practice of Bracha L. Ettinger, as well as documenting her psychoanalytic work



07-07-2017 - 10-09-2017