NEWS / 2018

“Aleph” Artist Talk with Mark Yashaev


Braverman Gallery is pleased to host an artist talk in the presence of Mark Yashaev upon his current solo exhibition “Aleph”. The conversation will be lead by Adi Gura,  Braverman Gallery’s director and curator.


At the base of Yashaev’s practice lies the selection of images and objects from the artist’s immediate surroundings. As a result, photographs, remnants from his travels, and street-found objects are organized into rich compositions which reflect a mise en scène of an event that has not yet occurred. This process is somewhat reminiscent of a painter’s work on canvas, though the result is a unique act within the medium of photography, one that creates a kind of spatial, photographic collage.


The talk will be held on Friday, October 12, 2018 at 12:30pm


Exhibition dates: September 6 – November 15, 2018

12-10-2018 - 12-10-2018