NEWS / 2010

Gilad Ratman’s “Multipillory” in How Soon is Now, at The GCCC

Multipillory is a video installation based on the medieval torture device dubbed the “pillory”. The filmed project depicts 12 individuals penetrating a simulated tropical forest with their heads. The cruel and the humiliating unite with the comic and absurd in this piece so as to create a structure that exposes its parts.

How Soon is Now, the GCCC first major exhibition of photography, presents fifteen of the most interesting contemporary artists working with the photographic medium. They have been selected by five of the world’s leading artists and curators – Tom Eccles, Liam Gillick, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Philippe Parreno and Beatrix Ruf. The group exhibition therefore showcases a broad curatorial perspective of international contemporary photography and offers the visitor a snap-shot of each artist.



20-11-2010 - 21-11-2010