NEWS / 2015

Reuven Israel, Group exhibition, “Domestic Ideals: Nostalgia and the Home” at Lesley Heller Workspace, New York

Reuven Israel participation in the group exhibition “Domestic Ideals: Nostalgia and the Home” at the Lesley Heller Workspace. 

“The home is more than a building, it forms a corporeal arena from which the body, no matter how transitory, can experience tangible emotional sustenance. We unpack ourselves into the interior spaces of our homes and link our identities to its geography. As was stated in Bachelards book ‘Poetics of Space’, the home is an imaginary realm in which architectural structures are metaphors of emotional states defining selfhood. Home thus not only embodies the broader contextual realities of a physical domestic space, but also serves to represent and express our experiences and define our memories.

Reuven Israel’s work fundamentally explores the relationship between forms and materials. The combination of items ‘skewered’ through a central copper rod (a grounding rod used in home electrical systems) is much more abstract in its relationship to the domestic space, but certainly evokes qualities of the masculine engagement with space.”

The exhibition is co-curated by Yan Gi Cheng and Peter Gynd.


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    08-02-2015 - 08-03-2015