NEWS / 2016

Reuven Israel, “As Above, So Below”, Solo Show at Shulamit Nazarian gallery, LA

In this new body of work, Israel continues his sculptural practice that directly engages with form and color, drawing from myriad cultural references that range from religious monuments to science fiction. These sources amalgamate into autonomous abstract sculptures that simultaneously feel familiar––due to the employment of a rich range of signifiers––yet unhinged to any particular context.

The sculptures activate two spatial planes, with components that anchor the ground and others that are suspended in the air. A thin, bare copper rod, originally designed for grounding electricity, serves as a connector for each form. Each piece is meticulously constructed and painted and correspondingly titled to reference colloquial phrases and descriptors for birds or snakes: Yellow Belly, White Collar, Red Neck, Black-and-Blue, etc. The title As Above, So Below is both a reference to the physical construction of the sculptures, with components existing on multiple planes, as well as to the relationship between humanity and the cosmos.

September 14 – October 28, 2016
Opening reception: Wednesday, September 14, 6–8pm

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14-09-2016 - 28-10-2016