NEWS / 2016

Nira pereg, Shahar Marcus, 5th Mediations Biennale Poznań, National museum, Poznan, Poland

Nira Pereg and Shahar Marcus are participating in the 5th Mediations Biennale Poznań, National museum, Poznan, Poland.

5th Mediations Biennale in Poznań entitled Fundamental refers us back to the questions about the essential values of human-kind, which are not necessarily the same for various different cultures.
Under common concepts such as freedom, dignity, family ties, there are different value systems, cultural or religious references, which are deeply rooted in a centuries-old tradition. Language bears huge importance. Here it is understood as a system of concepts, in which thought, natural environment, or civilisation is formed.

Nira Pereg’s ‘Abraham, Abraham’ and ‘Sarah, Sarah’ multi-part video installation was shot at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron / Nablus in the West Bank. The work documents a peculiar cycle during which the holy site exchanges hands back and forth between Arabs and Jews, pin-pointing the latent everyday tensions between believers of both faiths. This ceremony reveals the way political sovereignty and religious rights create an anomalous reality of ‘Pax-Israeliana’.

Shahar Marcus will be exhibiting two of his most recent works: ‘King of Falafel’ and ‘Home Coming Artist (Dresden)’. He will also be showing his work from 2011 ‘The Curator’.

October 1st through October 30th at the National museum, Poznan, Poland.

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01-10-2016 - 30-10-2016