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Nezaket Ekici, group show, Flesh on Flesh, Momentum Worldwide, Berlin


Nezaket Ekici will show ‘Flesh (no pig, but pork) (2011)’


Performance Installation since 2011,
originally presented at: Performance Festival, Dani hrvatskog performansa , Varazdin, 5-8.5.2011
16:9 HD, mov/Mp4, Color, Sound 9:35 min.
Duration of the Live Performance: 45 min.

The artist kneels in a pile of pork from freshly slaughtered pigs. She wears safety goggles and rubber gloves which refer to the Islamic law forbidding the touching and eating of pork. She holds up pieces of meat and sniffs at them as if to ascertain why the law exists. The sound of her breathing is amplified by a microphone and is clearly audible throughout the room. The work is a direct reference to her piece No Pork but Pig(2004) in which she spent several hours in a small pen with a living pig.


For over 15 years Nezaket Ekici has pursued performative and participatory strategies in her artistic practice. In doing so she consistently faces up to the image of a woman and an artist between cultures. Born not far from Ankara, socialised within the narrow circle of her Turkish family in Germany, she explores the limits of what is physically possible in her projects, radically committing her own body to her artworks.In Flesh, (No Pig but Pork), she targets the taboos and traditional rituals of the Islamic world, donning Lady Justice‘s blindfold, a black negligée and yellow rubber gloves to wallow in pork meat, sniffing the forbidden raw flesh.


About the show:


In 2017 with the theme “vs. Meat”, Berlin Food Art Week addresses topics such as human and animal rights, conscious consumption, environmental issues and sustainability. We are many, and as we all must eat, our diet has a huge influence on our environment. How we deal with our nature and animals, the overproduction, food quality, the impact on the planet and its cultures? These are the issues that are brought to the stage, using art and food to bring attention and awareness.


Inverting the vegetarian premise of this edition of Food Art Week, MOMENTUM uses the occasion of our partnership to engage with five artists from the MOMENTUM Collection and our Artist Residency Program (MOMENTUM AiR) who work with meat as an artistic medium, and as an effective commentary upon cultural practices and taboos. Raw meat, the very visceral building block of all animal life, whether in a kitchen or under a surgeon’s knife, is a substance which in some elicits hunger, in others disgust. Indifference is not an option – especially in this exhibition where the artists each in their own way, some gruesome and others humorous, subvert the loaded meanings of meat.


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07-07-2017 - 06-08-2017