NEWS / 2015

Nezaket Ekici, group exhibition, ‘Pushing Boundaries’, Whitespace The Mordes Collection, Miami, USA

A group exhibition commemorating the 25th anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall.  This momentous global event caused contemplation on the idea of boundaries – not just political and geographical boundaries, but also boundaries of feminism, religion, race, culture and intellectual thoughts. This exhibition celebrates the unwavering human spirit which finds a path to overcome adversity. 

Participating artists include Claudia Alvarez, Patricia Piccinini, Christa Assad, Jacek Gancarz, Leland Rice, Marc Bijl, Hassan Hajjaj, Lincoln Schatz , Rina Castelnuovo, Richard Moose, Wilma Bulkin Siegel and Hank Willis Thomas.

The exhibition runs through March 29, 2015

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20-11-2014 - 29-03-2015