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Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus, group exhibition, ‘The Sea’ at MOCAK – Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus will participate in the group exhibition The Sea at MOCAK –  Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland.

Both performance artists, Ekici and Marcus will exhibit , Salt Dinner from 2012. The Salt Dinner video-performance shows both artists sharing a table of food swimming on the wavy waters of the dead sea. The artists eat together and share food. They use the salty water from the dead sea as well in their action, washing the plates or using salt as hearbel in the moment they it salt and cumber. During this picknik it gets more and more heavy for both artists, physically seen: on the one side, the salt makes it heavy to go on eating and on the other hand, the dead sea and its waves require to take care for the table and the belongings. The Artists get exhausted from eating to much salt, the wavy sea and the powerful sun. Their Salt Dinner opens an ironic perspective on the symbolism of death and religion that was also present in other collaborative works in the project In Relation.

Material: Table, Tablecloth, Fruits and Vegetables, Wine, 2 Wineglases, 2 white Plates, Costumes

From the press release: “The motif of the sea has been present in art and literature for centuries. The presentation in Alfa Gallery shows a variety of works executed in different media by contemporary artists from Poland and other countries, who have been inspired by this theme.

The presented works form two groups: one based on playing with the traditional marine painting with its focus on the expressive and aesthetic potential of the sea, and the other, in which the sea is neither the object of study nor the main protagonist but rather the backdrop for the action. The exhibition shows the symbolic potential of the sea, with its associations of unpredictability, infinity, the beginnings of life, turbulent passions, interpersonal relationships, unfettered freedom, purification, solitude and rebellion.”

Venue: Alfa Gallery

Exhibition date: 21.10.2016 – 26.03.2017

Opening date: 20.10.2016 at 6 pm

Curator: Monika Kozioł

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21-10-2016 - 26-03-2017