NEWS / 2016

Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus, group exhibition, ‘Mother, I have reached the land of my dreams’ at ID Festival, Berlin

Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus will participate in the group exhibition Mother, I have reached the land of my dreams at ID Festival, Berlin.

Ekici and Marcus will exhibit together the work Sand Clock (2012) which depicts performers standing in the desert as sculptures, appearing as human sand clocks. The work conveys a refreshing perspective as to the desert’s meaning as well as landscape.

Ekici will also exhibit individually the work Papa´s Poem, a 3 Channel Video Installation from 2016.

“The title of the exhibition, Mother, I have reached the land of my dreams, brings to mind the finishing lines of a legend, the moment where a long journey comes to an end and daily routine sets in; where the hoped-for destination, once arrived at, makes way for the renunciation of fantasies and dreams. It also marks the starting point of a journey of a different kind – this time, not across geographical distances but an internal journey, no less excruciating than the first; a never ending journey, perhaps, troubled by perennial self-questioning: »Have I arrived already? Can I start over, relax, sit back and let go of the past, of a country left behind?« Despite the extreme connotations of refuge-seeking, this current exhibition approaches the different states and circumstances of migrations as touching one another, despite their apparent disparities. All participants reside in Berlin permanently – some for decades or since infancy, while others are, relatively speaking, newcomers to the German capital – but none were born in it.

Some of the works address the pressing issue of the dire fate of the refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean, while others rework personal histories and family biographies entangled in a tormented past. Still others deal with foreignness in its universal dimension, along with its attendant misconceptions and prejudices.”

October 21st through October 23rd, 2016.


21-10-2016 - 23-10-2016