NEWS / 2015

Gilad Ratman, Solo exhibition, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Gilad Ratman will be screening his work “Five Bands From Romania”, as part of six solo exhibitions opening at the Israel Museum.

Gilad Ratman is drawn to the primeval and untamed and to the ways in which it is transformed by the artistic act, becoming poetic and surreal. His previous works feature human forms howling in pain while hatching from a cocoon, a tribal gang living on the edge of town, or people struggling in quicksand. Some are based on extreme phenomena, others feature characters engaged in esoteric activities, and they are often accompanied by a subversive and anarchistic soundtrack. In many ways, they reflect contemporary reality in all its complexity, with the blurring of boundaries between center and periphery and the wild, primeval world barely concealed underneath a thin veneer of civilization.”

Opening Tuesday, Feb. 10th, 2015


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