NEWS / 2018

Braverman Gallery at Artissima 2018 with works by Dor Zlekha Levy in collaboration with Aviad Zinemanas, and Summer Wheat


Braverman Gallery is pleased to present the European Premiere of “Maqamat”


Maqamat, a work made in collaboration between visual artist Dor  Zlekha Levy and musician Aviad Zinemanas, was born from their  joint passion to reclaim the Arabmusic of early 20th-century Iraq.  Innovative for its time, the forerunners of this musical trend were  Jewish musicians among them internationally acclaimed Ezra Aharon  and Yusuf Zaarur. These musicians later immigrated to Israel, settled  there and left their reputation behind. Recordings and archival  materials from the estate of these musicians serve the artists as a  startingpoint to dealing with situations of separation, diaspora and  yearnings. Maqamat articulates a unique symbiosis between the  seen and the heard image, uniting them into one creation that expands beyond the boundaries of all the media that comprise it.