NEWS / 2016

Bracha L. Ettinger, artist talk, “And My Heart Wound-Space” at Braverman Gallery, Tel-Aviv

Braverman Gallery is pleased to invite to an artist talk with the artist Bracha L. Ettinger following her first solo exhibition in the gallery – “And My Heart Wound-Space“.

Friday, December 23, 2016, 12pm

Ettinger is showing a series of oil paintings from the last decade alongside drawings on paper. Ettinger has been working for 30 years as a painter, an artist and psychoanalyst. Parallel to her practice as a theorist linking between art, psychoanalysis, philosophy and feminism and publishing important theoretical articles, Ettinger works in a singular ways in the medium of painting and Video.

Her work process includes use of various duplication of images on canvas or paper, that transformed by drawing and color in a long process that lasts several years, a transparent layer on a transparent layer. Ettinger deals with relations between horror and trauma in the context of the processing of memory traces of the self and the other, by creating a cavity depth of the painting through the work of the Line-color-light, and the way that looking, and the fade of the perspective allows space of evidence.

You are all invited!


23-12-2016 - 23-12-2016