NEWS / 2016

Biljana Durdevic, group exhibition, 56th October Salon – ‘The Pleasure of Love’, Belgrade Culture Center

Biljana Durdevic participates in a group exhibition at the 56th October Salon named The Pleasure of Love at the Belgrade Culture Center, Belgrade, Serbia.

Durdevic will present her latest work Into Deep Waters, oil on canvas, triptych

“A dream inside a dream – In the ancient past that has shaped my present, I was overtaken by a sense of unshackled and fearless freedom. One late afternoon in August I had a dream that I still recall: As kids we used to play all the time in a large old hazel tree. In my dream we played in that very familiar tree. The rustling of its leaves evoked early autumn.  Its bounty was not hazelnuts but large pink and white pearls floating all around us.  The rays of the sun shone on these pearls and warm light was reflected on our faces.  The hazel tree reverberated with the laughter of children, joyful and careless. Bare feet trod the ground strewn with hazel leaves. Its warmth and softness comforted us like a warm embrace. Suddenly, without warning, the light vanished and the leaves we were walking on lost all their warmth. Our young hearts were shaken with dread that forced us to leave the now darkened hazel grove and enter an unknown work.”

Curated by: David Elliot.

September 23rd through November 6th

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    23-09-2016 - 06-11-2016