Ilit Azoulay, No Thing Dies

Editor Maurin Dietrich

Design Lamm & Kirch, Berlin / Leipzig with Albrecht Gäbel

Content Editing and English Translation Einat Adi

Project Management Moranne Mintz

Exhibition View Photography Moranne Mintz

Proofreading Ames Gerould

Image Editing and Prepress Jan Schefer

Printing and Binding DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH

Paper Genesis 90g/m2 + 210g/m2,

Progloss 150g/m2

Typefaces New Clearface,

Dinamo Diatype

Studio Team
Qualitative Data Analyst Jonathan Touitou

Studio Manager Elinore Darzi (2014 — 16)

Moranne Mintz (2016 — today)

Studio Assistant Shiri Rozenberg

Photoshop Assistant Lena Gomon

Frame designer Amir Azoulai


No Thing Dies was made possible by the generous

support of Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv.


Published and distributed by Mousse Publishing

Contrappunto s.r.l. Socio Unico

Corso di Porta Romana 63, 20122, Milan–Italy

Available through

Mousse Publishing, Milan

DAP | Distributed Art Publishers, New York

Vice Versa Distribution, Berlin

Les presses du réel, Dijon

Antenne Books, London


First edition, 2019. Printed in Germany

ISBN 978-88-6749-383-8

40 € / 45 $



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