PRESS / 2012

Voice of Russia on Gilad Ratman’s Multipillory


Gilad Ratman is from Israel. His work was really out of this world. It was very bizarre. First there were two images titled “The Boggymen”. They showed many people in mud. They looked like they were drowning and gasping for air. It was described as a collage made out of found photographic materials, a sort of self-documentation of a person who calls himself “The Boggyman” and is performing a “total submergence” in mud for his own pleasure. It looked very freaky and something straight out of a thriller movie. But that wasn’t all. His other creation was “The Multipillory” which is a video installation. There you can see twelve people sticking their heads through a large image mounted to a wooden structure. The camera goes around them constantly. Some of the people are naked. Some are standing in awkward positions, others are leaning on others for support. Because the camera is going in a circle you see the front and the back of this wooden structure. This is based on medieval torture devices known as “stocks” or “pillories”, thus the title.


Gilad Ratman says that ‘in some works, production and what is normally conceived of as “behind the scenes” or “the making of” is an integral part’ of his work. ‘The participants are not acting, in the sense of representation, but merely responding to a given situation, often based on physical restrictions and unfamiliar situations.’