PRESS / 2017

Tommy Hartung’s solo exhibition “LILITH” is reviewed by Shaul Setter of Haaretz


Shaul Setter of Haaretz reviews Tommy Hartung’s “LILITH”, showing at Braverman Gallery until March 21, 2017.


“The exhibition at the Braverman Gallery consists of three types of objects: white clay sculptures of human heads mounted on pedestals, on which boldly colored geometric forms are projected; two-dimensional prints of heads that have swallowed the coloration within themselves, have grown thicker, and are decorated with ribbons as hair and discs as eyes; and, on the gallery‚Äôs lower floor, a video work in which forms, objects and images move about in a kind of dance to the sounds of vigorous, intensive drumming. Cumulatively, they constitute an interesting take on the essence of the human.”


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