PRESS / 2015

The Indian Express covers “Dissonance”, the group exhibition with works by Nezaket Ekici

Amruta Lakhe of the Indian Express writes “Ekici’s performance opened the show, titled “Dissonance: Transgressed boundaries between Desire and Fear”, recently at the Percept Art Gallery in Mumbai. “The concept was to highlight the problems the human race has brought upon itself. We invited artists to react to global issues of, say, living under the constant threat of ecological crises, the power of consumerism in our lives, the overflow of data on social media and the desire to manufacture perfection in everything from crops to babies through genetic modification,” says Jesal Thacker of the gallery, who has curated the show along with Vienna-based curator Isin Onol.

While Ekici targets animal healthcare, her contemporaries — Berlin-based Pinar Yoldas and Vienna-based Nita Tandon — contextualise their works in a more futuristic space. Yoldas’ works, “Design Babies”, take the form of small eerie sculptures of human fetuses that are encased in glass jars. The fetuses are adorned with colourful beads and hair extensions and represent the idea of extreme modification to fit idea of beauty. Interested in neuroscience and bio-ethics, Yoldas says, “My work questions the limits to which human beings will alter the human biology, going against the course of nature till they realise what they have done.” Tandon imagines a similar dystopian society, through her work Fingerprint Erased. Through a performance video, we see her physically scrape acyclic paint off a wall, signifying the need to erase digital fingerprints, being left behind with every new technology we embrace.”


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