PRESS / 2016

Reuven Israel’s solo exhibition at Shulamit Nazarian, LA, is reviewed by Charlotte Jansen for

Charlotte Jansen with a short review on Reuven Israel’s new exhibition at Shulamit Nazarian, LA:

The Jerusalem-born, long-time Brooklyn-dwelling Israel has looked to many different areas for inspiration for his first solo appearance in the city, such as, ‘various forms of spacecrafts, antennas, and ritualised structures and objects of the past – temples, pottery, instruments and weapons.’ It’s not the form of those things that is recognisable in the work, though. ‘Often, when I work on sculptures I’m not thinking of specific places, objects, or events, but rather their implied cultural meanings,’ the artist explains, as he unveiled the exhibition, titled ‘As Above, So Below'”.

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