NEWS / 2009

Ofri Cnaani opens new show in Italy

Ofri Cnaani in new show through the Network project, Italy.

Twister I Dreams & Dramas

The network project includes a series of video installations that are embedded within the museums’ architecture, connecting the ten museums, enhancing the visibility of the network, and revealing both the uniqueness and the cohesion of the project as a whole while exposing the specific character of each art institution.

“The network project is a series of site-specific ‘video Haiku / gestures’.

Working with existing architecture, I often use video projection in order to create new physical and psychological experiences within spaces that we assume are known. In this series of interventions I will project short poetic videos that were conceived specially for these sites, aiming to rethink their physical, historical, and social contexts.”

more details: link

    12-10-2009 - 13-10-2009