PRESS / 2017

Mark Yashaev’s solo exhibition, ‘Only from suddenness and on’, at Tel Aviv Museum of Art is reviewed by Joy Bernard of the Jerusalem Post


Joy Bernard of the Jerusalem Post writes on December 30, 2016:


The 35-year-old Yashaev’s solo exhibition “Only from this suddenness and on” marks a dual feat for the young artist: It is the first time Yashev is presenting his work at the museum in the same year that he has won the Lauren and Mitchell Presser Photography Award for a Young Israeli Artist.


Yashaev draws on his personal photography archive in an elaborately complex creation process. He builds installations, photographs them, prints the photographs and installs the prints in sets he makes himself. The photographed sets are the final, touching and visually challenging result.


The sets in the photographs seem to belong to a world of uncertainty, where time is essential but cannot be controlled. Through the decision to create and work within temporary spaces that will eventually be abandoned, Yashaev’s dialogue with the meanings of space and time comes to the forefront.


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