PRESS / 2017

Mark Yashaev’s solo exhibition, ‘Even a black hole ends its life’, in Wizo Academy is previewed by Eitan Buganim of Haaretz


Eitan Buganim of Haaretz previews Mark Yashaev’s ‘Even a black hole ends its life’ in Wizo Academy.


Translated from Hebrew.

Yashaev uses images and different objects (monitors, mattresses, furniture, etc.) that conflict with concepts related to art history and photography. In one of the works, we see a classic statue of a male figure placed in front of a hallway in the Smithsonian Museum. The artist enlarges the photograph and places it randomly in a corner in his studio, accompanied by three neon lights, which give the impression of penetrating the figure’s stomach. Electrical wires entangle the figure. In another corner, we see a broken lamp, and on the floor we see a mysterious saw. The perspective lines of the sculpture meet the perspective lines in the room, instilling a sense of disorientation in the viewer.


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