PRESS / 2015

Ilit Azoulay’s nomination for the Prix Pictet, reviewed by Time Magazine

Time Magazine covers the Prix Pictet Nominations for the sixth edition of the prestigious photography award, which honors work that promotes discussion of social issues.


With Ilit Azoulay, Pictet also nominated Valérie Belin,
 Matthew Brandt, Maxim Dondyuk, Alixandra Fazzina,
 Ori Gersht,
 John Gossage, Pieter Hugo, Gideon Mendel, Sophie Ristelhueber, Brent Stirton and 
Yongliang Yang were shortlisted by a jury of eight as the finalists of the international award. Each year the commission presents a different theme, this year’s being Disorder.


The finalists’ works will be showcased at the Musée d’Art Moderne da la Ville de Paris for a month-long exhibition starting Nov. 12, 2015. Prix Pictet honorary president Kofi Annan will announce the winner during the opening night.


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