NEWS / 2009

Gilad Ratman – Group Exhibition, Berlin

Gilad Ratman is participating in the group exhibition “Borderline Pleasure” at Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin.

Curated by Sebastian and Lukas Baden, of Ferenbalm Gurbrue Station (Karlsruhe), “Borderline Pleasure” has as its central theme the limits of what pleases the gaze. On view will be works whose imagery either depict the naughty, cruel, disordered or dirty or stages these negative ends of the pleasure spectrum in a technical way.

The curators ask that “you can follow our borderline of pleasure. Please enjoy responsibly”!

The show runs July 10 – August 29, 2009.

Galerie Michael Janssen
Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26 (formerly Kochstr. 60)
D-10969 Berlin
T. +49 30 25 927 250
F. +49 30 25 927 2518

20-07-2009 - 21-07-2009