NEWS / 2011

David Adika | Nimrod’s Descendants, The Jerusalem Artists’ House

David Adika is participating in “Nimrod’s Descendants” group show at The Jerusalem Artists’ House

Curator: Gideon Ofrat


The exhibition “Nimrod’s Descendants” sets out to explore Danziger’s iconic `Nimrod` through its new manifestations in Israeli art from the 1950s to the present. Comprising sculptures, paintings, posters, photographs, and video works, the exhibition documents the various “Nimrods” of Israeli art throughout the generations, primarily pitting the physical idealization of Danziger’s Nimrod (represented in the exhibition by a later bronze cast of the sculpture), and its early echoes in the 1950s (such as Yehiel Shemi’s monumental sculpture, Man in the Arava), against more modern treatments, which respond to the Eros, muscularity, and forcefulness of Danziger’s primitive hunter.


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27-10-2011 - 28-10-2011