NEWS / 2016

Shahar Marcus, artist talk, group exhibition, ‘Things to Come’, Petach Tikva Museum of Art

Shahar Marcus will give an artist talk about his work ‘King of Falafel’, that is currently on view as part of ‘Things to Come’, a group exhibition at the Petach Tikva Museum of art.

Saturday, May 7th at 12 pm

The show aims to define the speculative fiction in its visual modus and to point towards its historical context. It brings together and conflates different parameters without differentiating between so called high art and popular expression. In a way, science fiction can be defined as the modern imagination and the works of the artists presented here testify to this fact.

Participating artists include: Alexander Schlesier​, ​Avinoam Sternheim​, ​Christopher O’Leary​, ​Dov Or Ner​, ​Eitan Ben Moshe​, ​Eli Gur Arie, Eran May-Raz & Daniel Lazo​, ​Giorgia Lupi​, ​Jakub Nepras​, ​John Coulthart​, ​Jonathan Gold​, ​Jonathan Goldman​, ​Karen Russo​, ​Karl Hans Janke​, ​Lihi Turjeman​, ​Michelle Jezierski​, ​Moshe Elnatan​, ​Netaly Aylon, Peleg Dishon​, ​Robert Martens​, ​Robert Stieghorst​, ​Sasha Serber​, ​Shay Id Alony​, ​Till Nowak​, ​Universal Everything​, ​Yael Bartana​, ​Yuval Litani.

Curator: Doreet LeVitte Harten

Opening: Thursday, April 14th, at 8pm.

‘Things to Come’ is on view through August 20th.


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