NEWS / 2017

Roy Efrat, solo show, ‘Trap’ at ArtLacuna, London


The works in ‘Trap’ trace the feelings of being dislocated and fighting hegemonic structures, while focusing on change making abilities. For the large scale work Busy, Roy Efrat uniquely combines painting, performance, and video to explore issues of gender, immigration and displacement in day to day situations.

The projection adds detail and movement to the scenography-like painted surfaces, interacting and jarring with the stillness; the dislocation between mediums described by Efrat as a ‘disruption’. The artist mirrors the often conflicting emotional states of the characters, whose implied interaction with the objects gives life to a comedic narrative of displacement. ‘By calling into question the possibility to really ‘belong’ to a particular place, the protagonists of Busy gradually turn their state of statelessness into a catalyst for positive change’.


Francesco Milan


24-08-2017 - 03-09-2017